Who Can I Trust?

Don't Worry You Can Trust Me?

I've often found it perplexing; why do those in the legal business feel the need to tell their would be clients "don't worry you can trust me". This just seems like an odd way to begin a relationship. 


Do I walk into the  Doctor's office and look for a sign that says, "your in good hands; your Doctor can be trusted". No, I just assume because of their reputation and the words they speak, that is good enough for me. Maybe I am wrong.

How Do You Know Who Can Be Trusted?

The great King Saul was selected by his people based simply on his good looks and personality. We know how the story unfolds in 1st Samuel Chapter 14. The enemies of the Israelites are closing in and Saul is faced with the pressures to make a decision, so what does he do?  Saul proceeds to say the right things. He calls for the presence of the Lord and he requires the people to fast and pray. The problem is when the pressure is on, his words turn out to be, just that, words. The Bible says that “For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” (Luke 6:45). From Saul’s own mouth his heart spoke and his ultimate downfall was his desire to be worshipped, his pride and insecurities. Because of the condition of his heart, Saul lost the right to be king.

So, how do we know who can be trusted? I believe the answer must lie in listening. If we listen closely we should know. Sure we all have pride and insecurities that we battle, but when the pressure is on, if we will just listen, the heart will reveal the truth.