Hasty Decision Delivers Far Reaching Consequences

In this day and age, everyone needs a lawyer sometime. When that time comes, how will you choose? Sound legal representation, like that offered by attorney Kurt V. Beasley, is an indispensable asset in resolving many forms of conflict.

Lawyers specialize in a wide array of fields, including – but not limited to – arbitration, tenant’s rights and estate planning. Conversely, there are many services, like drafting contracts, which are generally offered by all attorneys.

Do you need a lawyer to go to court for you? Often not, cautions Kurt V. Beasley. Perhaps you just need an attorney that can send an informed letter on impressive letterhead. Or you may need a lawyer that can navigate the labyrinthine halls of an unforgiving bureaucracy. “The art of law can be seen as a bridge to building relationships,” counsels Kurt V. Beasley. “Reasoned, less adversarial approaches like arbitration, remain a very viable option for most conflicts.”

Consider your needs. Often the problem can be solved with an attorney who does not need to resort to litigation. Consider what is at stake – not just resources, but business relationships. Ask yourself how much it is worth spending in order to maintain your stake. Take your questions to a community-minded attorney, like Kurt V. Beasley, rather than making a hasty decision that can cost you, economically and socially. Ask yourself how much that is worth.