Can anything significant happen in "Just One Hour"?

We were having a SMP discussion / planning meeting and we struggled to answer how effective can you be in one hour. You see, that is basically all that we have. When you show up at Ryker’s Prison or Riverbend it takes longer to gain entrance through the many security checks, then the time actually spent with the inmates. All the expense, all of the time and all of the effort; all for one hour. We have no “follow up”, no call backs to see how the guys are doing. Our next encounter at best will be in 3 to 6 months, and again only for one hour. But what about discipleship, mentoring, etc. “what do you have in place to ensure that there is proper follow up” (we get this question often)? A tough question but what they are really asking is; how can there be “fruit” and is this a wise investment?

I think the better question is; “What choice do I have”?

These words penned by Nathan:

Our mutual friend, George, introduced us 14 years ago. Not long after, I was sitting in his office at a complete loss in life. He asked me this question, “What is the best thing you’ve done in the past 5 years”? My answer...playing in that prison in LA. He stared at me for a few minutes and said “Then go do more of that”. For the past Ten years, we’ve walked through incredible highs and lows together. Today we sat down in a coffee shop and came back to the same reason we still do this: To Love people where they are, to remind them they matter, and to provoke healing....because, a lot can happen in an hour. It’s the hardest job I will ever know, a job I will never become great at, and I couldn’t imagine doing so with a better leader and encourager by my side. To be truthful, it’s not really a job. It’s simply what has to be done. There’s no rule book or timeline. Not many attorneys encourage you to stand in the shadows and wait for a whisper of direction, but this one does. Thank you Kurt Beasley ! You see life in the shadows, and without you we couldn’t do this. I Love you for it every minute! 
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