Death Row Event Update

Update on Thursday’s Death Row event: From Nathan:

For those of you who prayed for us, and prepared with us:

We can’t thank you enough. You were there with us.

Clearance checkpoint went well. As soon as we cleared and headed through the campus with our carts full of equipment, it downpoured, and we were soaked to the bone. We were reminded that if we weren’t willing to be inconvenienced, this would be our first and last event. We couldn’t of felt more at home. We were told upon entering that we would now be doing 2 one hour events, due to not being able to have all the guys in the same room. Group 1 and group 2 don’t always get along. That was fine with us. We shortened our set to one Hour for each group, and Al spoke for 5 mins at the end of each set.

As always, sound was difficult, but it got dialed in and sounded great. The room we played in was called the library, nothing more than a concrete room with a few book shelves, and a loud AC generator in the corner. 

Approx 20 guys each set. In plastic chairs. 10 ft away. They were sincerely grateful. As were we. It was peaceful in a way that words cannot express.

In short, Al asked the same question after each set “what do you feel right now?” We heard responses from Joy to Healing to Peace and everything in between. But when we heard a man say “Freedom”, we were stunned and honored and humbled in ways we’ve yet to know this side of Heaven. To hear a man on Death Row say he experienced freedom in one hour of music gave us a deep sense of belonging and hope. Al reminded them that they are not their worst day, and that we are their neighbors, and there are a lot of people praying for them. 


By the time it was all over, we were running behind schedule. The Guard allowed the men to help us pack up the gear and take our time. As we left, the guys walked us out as far as they could go. Every one of those guys hugged every one of us. The guard held open every door as we left. This is not the norm.

In short, you are part of something that is greater than all of us, and we couldn’t of done this without you.

We were invited back, and we’ll let you know when that’s going to happen.

So, there’s More to come....

Thank you, sincerely, for being a part of this family, and we love you!


Nathan, Johnathan, Van & Al

Nathan Lee

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Outside of Riverbend

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